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The Future of Currency

After years of development, Bitcoin South African System is ready and available for you to use. Have you ever heard of Bitcoin? It’s fair to guess that you have, but do you really know why it’s such a large phenomenon?

The reason it’s gotten so big is that it has completely changed the world’s view of what was possible when it comes to money. Up until 2017, most people were content to let the banks handle all of their money. After all, there were no alternatives. Your wages got paid into the bank, got spent from the bank, moved from the bank, withdrawn from the bank, and saved with the bank.

It was even at the stage where the bank could freeze your money and the government could seize it. If a group of people has the power to do that, then it’s not really your money, is it?Bitcoin changed all that for so many people, and Bitcoin South African System is going to help change that for you.

Our software is cutting edge in the world of Bitcoin, even without the large barriers for entry that other platforms have. Yes, without those barriers. There’s been pressure put on Bitcoin trading providers to make the technology being provided as sophisticated as possible, both by the general Bitcoin community and the governmental bodies of the world. After all, there’s a reason Bitcoin is never in the news anymore.

Bitcoin traders aren’t doing themselves any favors, either. There’s an air of elitism surrounding cryptocurrency. It’s this idea that just because you understand the technology involved, you are somehow better than others who don’t.

That idea is nonsense, and at Bitcoin South African System, we do away with it completely. We don’t want you to be pushed away from life-changing decisions by a group of people who have no interest in your success, to begin with.

We want you to succeed, regardless of what the banks and what other people want. To get you to a point where you can succeed, though, you need to understand some basic concepts associated with Bitcoin. Don’t worry, don’t worry. We’re not going to be throwing fancy words and charts in your face. All we’re going to do is explain the basics and let you take it from there.


What is the Bitcoin Revolution?

You know about Bitcoin, and you know it’s popular, but what exactly was the Bitcoin revolution, and why did it matter? Let’s take a trip back to 2017. Bitcoin has already been around for quite some time. In fact, the idea of Crypto has been tossed around since well before the 2000s.

For several years in the 2010s, Bitcoin was valued at a few dollars apiece. Nothing much, but it was there. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, some big investors started to take notice, and Bitcoin absolutely soared. We’re talking 1000s of percentages. Those lucky ones got in while the going was good. It was the first time anything had traded like this since “tulip mania” back in Dutch Golden Age.

This unheard-of type of growth attracted a lot of attention, including that of the public mainstream media. All of a sudden, all anybody was talking about was Bitcoin. People were beginning to realize just how impactful the currency was going to be, and hence the Bitcoin Revolution began. Unfortunately, Bitcoin found itself in a bubble after that. The price continued to soar, but it was only a matter of time before it came crashing down, and it did.

Once that happened, most people hopped off the bandwagon. Bitcoin, of course, recovered, but by that time, there weren’t nearly as many people around to see it. That’s what the team here at Bitcoin South African System is trying to change. We want to get Bitcoin into the eyes of the public again and show them that it isn’t as scary as they’ve been led to believe.

The authorities don’t want you investing in Bitcoin, so it’s only natural that it began to get all the negative press that they could give it.

Why Bitcoin South African System?

Out of all the various Bitcoin platforms out there, why use ours? We’re the only software provider dedicated to helping you get the most out of Bitcoin.

  • Our goals are to help every user trade easily and confidently. To that end, we go out of our way to make sure you get the most from your time trading. We’re not going to bombard you with useless information that you don’t need. Don’t expect to see an abundance of utterly meaningless charts and graphs on our platform. We’re only going to show you what matters.
  • Our registration is far simpler than any other Bitcoin trading platform. Our goal is to get you up and trading as soon as possible, and that means making sure you don’t have to spend hours filling out your profile. We’re only going to ask you the bare essentials, so don’t worry about having to fill out page after page of meaningless documents.
  • Our software is designed with simplicity in mind, but we’ve done that without sacrificing effectiveness. The power of the algorithms we utilize is second to none, even though it’s significantly easier for you to use.

The Power of Bitcoin South African System’s Technology

There are a number of features unique to Bitcoin South African System that make it the best trading algorithm on the market. Our proprietary trading AI has been homebrewed to specialize in Bitcoin trading. It takes care of all the market study and analysis so that you don’t have to.

Our website is designed to be as beginner friendly as possible. To avoid bombarding you with information, we’ve removed all of the fancy charts and graphs you would typically see with other trading sites. The combination of these two makes Bitcoin South African System one of the most powerful trading softwares around. You get sophistication and simplicity all in one clean package.

Bitcoin South African System Has No Fees

At Bitcoin South African System, we don’t charge any sort of usage fee, or subscription fee. We’re trying to get Bitcoin into the hands of as many people as possible, and we don’t want the price of admission to work against that.

There are no hidden fees anywhere to be found, so what are you waiting for? All you have to do is follow our simple signup process and you can start trading right away.

Maybe you have some questions, though. That’s understandable. Getting involved in the Bitcoin trading world can be an intimidating experience for a complete beginner. We get that, so we’ve put an FAQ section at the bottom of this page for you to have a look at.

For now, though, let’s talk about why you should invest in Bitcoin with Bitcoin South African System in the first place.

Why Invest with Bitcoin South African System?

You might be interested in our Bitcoin South African System, but why should you invest in Bitcoin in the first place? If what we’ve already discussed hasn’t sold you, then let’s go a little deeper.

When you trade Bitcoin, regardless of performance, you are bettering yourself. Not only are you learning a new skill, but you’re taking active steps to discover a whole new world of currency.Momentum is a powerful thing, and something as simple as a minimum investment in Bitcoin can easily spiral into an entirely new lifestyle for you.

You might realize how much you appreciate keeping your money out of the system’s eye and decide to look into Fintech (financial technology). Investing in stocks, gold, or anything in between is done with very little in the way of learning. Investing in Bitcoin is an investment in the future.

Common Bitcoin FAQs

If you’re new to the world of Bitcoin, then you probably have a lot of questions. Thus, so does everyone else. In fact, we’ve gotten so many questions from potential investors that we’ve decided to compile them all into an FAQ for you to have a look at.

What is Bitcoin?

Starting off simple, we’re going to talk about what Bitcoin actually is. In its purest form, Bitcoin is a currency. Unlike currency you’re used to, Bitcoin is entirely digital. You can’t withdraw Bitcoin and stick it in your wallet like you can with dollars. 

Does That Mean I Can Spend Bitcoin in a Store?

Not exactly. Despite being popular, the mainstream world has been slow to accept Bitcoin as a valid form of trading. There are plenty of places online that accept crypto as payment, with more coming on board every day.

In-store transactions, though, have a little bit of catching up to do. It’s harder for businesses to monitor and manage Bitcoin, and the fact that you can’t put Bitcoin on your Visa / Masterclass doesn’t help.

The biggest barrier to this happening, though, is the lack of physical Bitcoin currency. This is an issue that is always going to plague the world of Bitcoin, but we’re hopeful that workarounds are developed in the future.

How is Bitcoin Printed?

Thus, if Bitcoin doesn’t have a physical representation of value, then how is it created? Other currencies are printed; what’s the Bitcoin equivalent?

The Bitcoin creation process is actually incredibly unique. People called Bitcoin miners dedicate their own personal hardware to facilitate Bitcoin transactions on the network, and in exchange, the network mints them new Bitcoins.

Those Bitcoins are then naturally circulated into the economy.

What is a Bitcoin Miner?

If Bitcoin miners are the only ones capable of creating new Bitcoins, it’s fair to presume that they are the banking equivalent of the crypto world. This is incorrect, though. They don’t control how much and when Bitcoin is created. It is rewarded to them automatically through a series of complex algorithms.

In reality, Bitcoin miners are just businessmen. They often have warehouses full of high-end computers dedicated to the Bitcoin servers, and that’s how they earn their living.

The trade the Bitcoins they get rewarded for dollars to use in the other areas of their life. They have no control over the creation. In essence, they are the exclusive employees of the Bitcoin network.

What’s the Bitcoin Network?

This is probably the most technically confusing aspect of any cryptocurrency.

Due to its deregulated nature, Bitcoin relies on independent miners to support its blockchain.

The blockchain is an identification system that records every kind of Bitcoin transaction ever made.

That is more or less what the Bitcoin network is. It’s obviously a lot more technical than that, but that depth of knowledge isn’t something you need to know about.

You can always go deeper into your cryptocurrency learning if you want but prepare yourself for a lot of difficult reading.

How is Bitcoin Stored?

Most people are confused about how Bitcoin is stored if it’s digital. The answer is surprisingly simple. Bitcoin is stored on storage devices. USBs, hard drives, and even phones can all be used to house your Bitcoin.

The technical term given to these is Bitcoin wallets.

Most people either have a dedicated Bitcoin wallet device or a Bitcoin wallet app on their phone.

There are actually two different types of wallets that you should be aware of, though.

What Are the Two Types of Bitcoin Wallets?

The first and most common Bitcoin wallet to know is a hot wallet. Hot wallets are constantly connected to the internet and cannot be used without a connection.

Hot wallets are popular primarily for convenience. It’s quick and easy to move money to or from these wallets, meaning it’s the type used by the majority of Bitcoin traders.

Cold wallets, on the other hand, are completely disconnected from the internet. If you want to move Bitcoin onto or off of it, there are a few hurdles that you have to jump through in order to do so. These kinds of wallets aren’t ideal for day to day transactions and serve a very particular niche.

Why Do People Use Cold Wallets?

The single most important reason that leads people towards using cold wallets is security. As a result of not being constantly connected to the internet, cold wallets are significantly more secure than hot wallets.

That’s not to say that hot wallets aren’t secure because that is untrue. Bitcoin wallets, regardless of type, all have phenomenal cybersecurity features.

That being said, it is still theoretically possible for a hot wallet to suffer a breach, and when you’re talking about potentially millions of dollars, people aren’t willing to take that risk.

Cold wallets are completely safe so long as you don’t plug it into any compromised device or, of course, lose the wallet.

Certain investors put a lot of money into Bitcoin, store it on a cold wallet, and put that wallet into something like a safety deposit box to increase in value over the course of a few years.

Is Trading Bitcoin Like Trading on the Forex?

Yes and no. You’re buying one currency with another, so in that regard, it is similar to Forex trading that you might be familiar with. That’s where the similarities end.

Bitcoin has been referred to as “digital gold” by a lot of traders, and that’s not just a euphemism for the value that Bitcoin has.

In practice, Bitcoin trading is very similar to trading gold in that it’s like trading commodities.

Bitcoin experiences much larger swings in value than traditional currencies. This is a symptom of being decentralized. However, the general trend is that it increases over time.

This is the opposite of most currencies that actually depreciate in value as more of that currency gets printed. If you remember how much a week’s worth of groceries cost in the 80s and 90s compared to now, it’s the same principle.

When people invest in a currency, they’re not going to be holding onto that currency for years. It’s usually a reaction to something happening, typically politically, that causes a momentary decrease in value, which they can then pull out of once that kneejerk reaction levels out.

When people invest in Bitcoin, though, it’s usually for a longer period of time and under the impression that it’s going to increase in value as time goes on.

Another similarity between Bitcoin and gold is that both are finite resources. There is only so much gold on earth, just like how the Bitcoin network is only going to produce so many coins.

What Do You Mean Bitcoin is Finite?

This usually causes a lot of panic for potential Bitcoin investors. It’s only natural; after all, you’re not used to the idea of a currency being finite.

It’s true that the Bitcoin blockchain has a hard limit on how many coins can ever be produced. This is partially what gives it value.

However, the point at which Bitcoin is going to reach that limit is far off in the future. You’re never going to have to factor in Bitcoin no longer producing into your trading decisions, and neither are several generations after you, so don’t worry about this aspect of Bitcoin at all.

Did the Pandemic Affect Bitcoin?

Of course, it did. There wasn’t a single market on earth that wasn’t affected by the 2020 pandemic. That being said, Bitcoin is a bit unique in this case in that it bounced back much quicker than almost everything else in the world.

This came about as a result of stability. Investors saw that the future of countless companies was uncertain. Not wanting to lose all of their trades, they moved their cash into Bitcoin instead.

Bitcoin isn’t a company, so there was no way for it to go bust. No matter how poorly the rates may have been doing, it was always definitely going to hold value and wasn’t influenced too heavily by one single country’s market.

This influx of cash caused Bitcoin to recover much faster than anything else.

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