About Us

About Bitcoin South African System

Bitcoin South African System started with two people that shared a common goal, and that goal was bringing Bitcoin to as many people as possible.

Back in 2017, our founders had their eyes opened to the potential Bitcoin was bringing the world. It was the device that would finally allow people to live independently of the banks and should have had massive implications for the future of humanity.

Unfortunately, the government bodies around the world realized this and began to dissuade people from trading Bitcoin.

While still unbelievably impactful, they believed that Bitcoin had so much more to offer, so they about making a custom platform that was easy for beginner traders to use.


Our two founders worked for over two years on the platform. They talked for months on end about what each of them wanted the software to deliver and eventually settled on a theoretical prototype to base the model on going forward.

With the planning done, the execution followed.

Programming the system proved to be unbelievably challenging. So much so, that two became four when our initial founders brought two blockchain expert programmers on board.

With a team of four, the development went much smoother.


The initial timeline projected a release in June of 2020. Needless to say, the worldwide pandemic hit and killed that goal dead in its tracks. Our team was worried that this was going to push the project back years. This fear only served to motivate them, and they worked harder than ever.

It did take more time than anticipated, but eventually, the work was done, and our platform was released to the public. The team took a well-deserved break before eventually heading right back to the drawing board. They weren’t happy with calling it quits there; they wanted more. All four of them thoroughly believed in the ideals the group was founded on.

The belief that Bitcoin was a world-changing creation lived on in all of them and still does to this day. As it stands, our team of four has been working on expansion. There are plans to bring a whole host of new professionals from all walks of life onto the project. We want to get Bitcoin into the hands of as many people as possible, and the easiest way to do that is to have representation from as many different people as possible. 

We’re incredibly optimistic about the future. Every day we see more and more people sign up, and slowly but surely, Bitcoin is becoming more popular within the mainstream. We’re going to keep working no matter what the world throws at us. It’s our ideals and beliefs that power everyone in the office, and those aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you want to join us on this journey, head on over to our sign-up page. The registration process we’ve implemented is quick and efficient, so we hope to see you trading soon.